Here you’ll find a complete list of things I’ve written and edited, along with any TV or radio appearances or any other work I want to share.

Get in contact with me anytime: | @schadenfraade | 203.246.8342


“The Long Haul: A Comparative Performance Analysis of Bus and Rail Transit in Los Angeles,” Second Place, APA Transportation Planning Division Student Paper Competition (May 2017)

“In Obsessing About NY and SF, We’re Ignoring the Real Rental Crisis,” Washington Post, 10.18.16

“Problemas del Estacionamiento Gratuito,” The CityFix Mexico, 8.22.16

“Mexico City’s Rules of the Road” and “Don’t Privatize My Private Property,” UCLA Global Public Affairs, Summer 2016 (from Mexico City)

“Planning for New York City’s Transit Future,” poster presented at the UCCONNECT Student Transportation Conference, Riverside, CA (February 2016)


“I ♥ ‘New York Values’,” Al-Jazeera America, 1.20.16

“Driverless Cars Won’t Save Los Angeles,” Al-Jazeera America, 12.12.15

“Millennials Turned Cities ‘Hipster.’ Can They Do The Same For the Suburbs?” Washington Post, 12.2.15

“Texas ‘Water Farmer’ Points Cities to Pulling H2O From the Air,” Next City, 7.23.15

“New Yorkers Get Historic Rent Freeze,” Next City, 6.30.15

“The Brooklyn Real-Estate Bubble Will Never Pop,” Gothamist, 6.11.15

“Medellín’s “City for Life” Motto Translates Into Equitable Public Space Design,” Next City, 6.11.15

“The Young and the Rentless,” Washington Monthly, June/July/Aug 2015 issue

“This Is Why Americans Can’t Have Nice Trains,” Al-Jazeera America, 5.15.15

Coverage of the 2015 Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance Conference, Next City, May 2015

“Satire Doesn’t Need a Political Litmus Test,” Al-Jazeera America, 4.12.15

“This Woman Says We Should Get Over Meritocracy. Could She Be Right?” Talking Points Memo, 4.8.15

“The Irrational Exuberance of NYC Real Estate,” The Baffler, 3.13.15

“Where the Hell Are Those Subway Countdown Clocks We Were Promised?” Gothamist, 3.9.15

“Consider the Oyster,” BKLYNR, 12.11.14

“Blame America’s housing woes on zoning laws,” Al-Jazeera America, 12.8.14

“New York: Bringing the Oysters Home,” UBM’s Future Cities, 11.4.14

“Exile on H Street,” The Baffler, 10.8.14

Blogs from the 2014 EcoDistricts Summit in Washington, D.C. (1, 2, 3), UBM’s Future Cities, 9.2014

“Counterparties” newsletters, (June/July/Sept 2014, filling in for editor sent abroad)

“The Big Problem With ‘Coolest City’ Lists,” Guardian Cities, 8.29.14

“New York: Young Ideas for Social Cohesion,” UBM’s Future Cities, 8.6.14

“Tax Inversions and the Democrats Who Love Them,” The Baffler, 7.25.14

“Upworthy’s Unworthy Politics,” Al-Jazeera America, 6.9.14

“On ‘Density,’ the Most Slippery Word in Urban Planning,” The Baffler, 5.22.14

“Jane’s Walk: How City Waterways Can Become Public Spaces,” UBM’s Future Cities, 5.7.14

“On D.C. ‘Nerds’ and Outsider Wannabes,” The Baffler, 5.5.14

“In Defense of ‘Millennial,'” Al-Jazeera America, 4.14.14

“How to Make a Bikeshare Fair and Functional,” The Baffler, 4.8.14

“Mexico City’s Better Buses,” UBM’s Future Cities, 3.20.14

“The Livability Trap,” The Atlantic Cities, 11.22.13

Read my writing at PolicyMic here, including op-eds, election-night coverage, and assorted think pieces.

“Can Urbanists Learn to Love DC’s Height Limit?” ElevationDC, 4.2.13

“The Users of the University,” Dissent, 1.2.13

“Election Diary: My Time With the Obama Campaign,” Highbrow, 11.28.12

“Memo to RNC Delegates: You Didn’t Build It, But Feel Free to Pay Up,” Next New Deal, 8.28.12

“Play Fair, Run Fast, and Smile for the Camera,” The New Inquiry, 4.21.11

“Libya and the Lessons of History,” The Roosevelt Institute Campus Network, 4.11.11

“Alone in the Crowd,” Columbia Daily Spectator, 2.16.09


“Best Feet Forward,” BKLYNR, 6.26.14

“The Crusader,” BKLYNR, 6.5.14

“The Lessons of Starrett City,” BKLYNR, 2.6.14

“America is $17 Trillion in Debt—Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Be Worried,” PolicyMic, 11.15.13

“Don’t Feed the Trolls, and Other Advice For Dealing With Libertarians,” PolicyMic, 11.13.13


“Bloggingheads TV” with Aryeh Cohen-Wade, 3.7.16

“Up All Night,” BBC Radio Five, 3.18.15. Scroll to 1 hour 19 minutes in to hear me discuss NYC Subway countdown clocks.

“BK Live: Reporter Roundtable,” Brooklyn Independent Media, 4.29.14



Forbes‘ ‘Coolest Cities’ and the D.C. Backlash,” August 2014

House of Cards Isn’t The West Wing‘s Polar Opposite — It’s Its Younger Cousin,” March 2014

“On the Convention Speech as Russian Novel,” September 2012

“On Wendell Berry at the Kennedy Center,” April 2012

“In Defense of Offense,” February 2011


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