Monthly Archives: February 2016

I haven’t been writing much lately but I did get the chance to present my first conference poster a couple weeks ago, at the UC-CONNECT transportation-planning conference in Riverside, CA. It was great to do some research of my own and see what other transportation students across the UC system are up to.

I’m still relatively in the dark on California transportation matters, so I stuck to what I knew best and took a look at the situation backĀ in New York. The subway system is having all sorts of problems (capacity, equipment age, etc), and while the Governor of NY State basically controls the MTA and gets to set the state’s transit agenda, Andrew Cuomo has been very neglectful of the nuts-and-bolts improvements the system needs. He has, however, been very enthusiastic about building shiny new projects that he can put his name on.

My poster examining these two approaches to NYC transit is linked here. It’s also in the “Work” section of my website, under the Essays/Errata/Etc heading at the bottom. Perhaps as I pick up more of an academic track record over the next year and a half, I’ll break that work out into its own section, but for now…