Monthly Archives: December 2015

Graduate school being what it is, I haven’t been writing much lately. But two pieces I’ve been working on over the last few months got published in a 10-day span, allowing me to call it a year.

The first, in the Washington Post Opinions section, is a look at urban planning and demographics. Millennials have been portrayed in the media as a generation of urbanites, but cities are getting more and more expensive. When young, creative people are priced out, they’ll probably go to the suburbs. What will that look like? (Spoiler alert: I think most modern suburbs were built with the explicit purpose of keeping out poor people, so this won’t really be a story with a happy ending.)

The second, in Al-Jazeera America, is a reflection on driverless cars and my car-free lifestyle in Los Angeles. It’s not so bad, actually! I take the bus to school every day and it’s fine. L.A. has better public transit than many people realize. But making big, sprawling cities more sustainable and pleasant requires really investing in public transit and walkability. Driverless cars are exciting in a lot of ways, but they are not a silver bullet.

And that’s it. Happy holidays!