Monthly Archives: March 2015

After a busy winter doing a lot of things other than writing (mostly a temp copy-editing job and applying to graduate school), I’m back at my day job.

Five pieces in the pipeline right now. Here are the first two:

1. For my debut article in Gothamist, I wrote about NYC’s subway countdown clocks. The system is set up in a weird way—about a third of the system has clocks installed, and the rest doesn’t. It’s been this way for about five years. I always wondered why this was the case, so I looked into it, and it has to do with the subway’s antiquated signaling system.

2. A couple weeks ago I went to a great panel on rent regulation and real-estate tax abatements in NYC. It’s going to be an extremely busy summer for housing advocates—NYC’s rent laws and a number of important real-estate tax loopholes expire within days of each other, so there’s a full-court press in Albany to try and salvage some scraps. I wrote about what’s at stake for The Baffler.

More to come soon!