More goodies from the last month

Had a handful of articles published over the last few weeks, which I’m happy to share (and link) here.

1. “On ‘Density,’ the Most Slippery Word in Urban Planning.” I published this in The Baffler as a reaction to Bill de Blasio’s housing plan for NYC, and more broadly, as a look at the way that urban planners mobilize the idea of “city density” to achieve their goals. I am broadly in favor of laws that allow for greater density, but only if affordability is built into these plans.

2. “Ten Things That Are Just Like ‘Game of Thrones.'” Wrote this for the Washington Post’s new PostEverything vertical. A list of just how many journalists are using the HBO show as their metaphor du jour.

3. “Upworthy’s Unworthy Politics.” I’ve been thinking about Upworthy and its various partners in the viral mediasphere for awhile, and have always been interested in trying to figure out what ideology, if any, Upworthy represents. This, in Al-Jazeera America, is my attempt to describe what I see as the belief system underlying Upworthy, and explain why I think this soft, feel-good form of liberalism is unlikely to solve really intractable problems.


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