Monthly Archives: May 2014

Good news and bad news…

Bad news first: I haven’t been updating the blog with my own writing too much.

Good news: I’ve had a handful of pieces published over the last month or so, so writing that would normally go here is instead being made more widely available on teh interwebs.

Stuff from the last month:

1. “In Defense of ‘Millennial'” for Al Jazeera America. People hate the word “millennial.” They REALLY hate it. So I tried to explain why I think it’s a useful word, and in particular how millennials can reclaim the word as a tool for generational organizing.

2. “On D.C. Nerds and Outsider Wannabes” for The Baffler. My reaction to the White House Correspondents Dinner, and in particular the “Nerd Prom” label that follows it every year. I came to realize when I lived in D.C. that conceiving of yourself as a “nerd” is a big part of the local culture for many people, even when you’re sitting near the most powerful man in the world. So I try to unpack that a bit.

3. “Jane’s Walk: How City Waterways Can Become Public Spaces” for UBM Future Cities. Last weekend I participated in Jane’s Walk, a festival in which volunteers lead over 100 free NYC tours about urbanism and architecture. I took one that looked the history of the waterfront in Red Hook, Brooklyn, and wrote up some thoughts about how to best develop the space.