In Dissent Magazine: The Users of the University

I’ve got a new piece up in Dissent, a magazine I’ve admired since I was but a child. It’s pretty exciting to actually be published there myself. You can find it here:

Some of you may have seen this article a few weeks ago, about a new plan to set tuition by major in Florida: Needless to say, I am emphatically not a fan.

My piece discusses the historical roots and implications of this sort of approach: Where it comes from, what it says about the people who proposed it, and why Florida is a natural place for it to begin. Hope you enjoy.

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  1. Robert Evans said:

    The sickest thing about the employer survey you reference is this: ”
    Proportion Of Employers Who Say Colleges Should Place More Emphasis Than They Do Today On Selected Learning Outcomes

    Democratic institutions and values – 40%”

    And I always wonder what an average C-Level executive who answers these surveys really knows about what the general employee needs to know. And then I wonder why either the company isn’t training these skills, or why they aren’t pushing the skills development mostly at the primary and secondary school level, when habits are less fixed.

    I came across your article at

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